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Since 2008 , GravelChile has used Gravel resources and geological formations of the coastal area of ​​the III Region , Chile, to become a leading producer of industrial minerals. Based on the principles of providing high quality products and exceptional service .




Uniformity coefficients are tightly controlled to meet your requirements . There are custom sizes available . +56 9 57140575 Call for more information.

General properties of filtration of our gravelpacks
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+56 9 57140575


Piloto Marcial Arredondo 149



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  • Sub-angular shape and uniformity are tightly controlled, uniformity improves hydraulic conductivity.

  • Less than 1 % soluble in acidic impurities prevents deterioration of mineral leaching

  • Meet or exceed AWWA A100-97 standard for water wells and 61 certification standards ANSI / NSF quality and purity.


Naturally clean the filtration media of Gravel Chile are preferred in wells because of their superior physical and chemical properties. With a low solubility in acidic medium and sub-angular shape , gravelpacks products for filtration wells are clean and uniform size.


Uniformity and low solubility in acidic medium minimize the loss of material in well development . The sub-angular shape improves hydraulic conductivity by reducing drawdown water and improve performance.


Areas of application


Water wells


Monitoring Wells






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